Gesnaer provides comprehensive technical assistance for the certification of civilian providers of air navigation services, in accordance with Royal Decree 931/2010 in the SES (Single European Sky) área.

Gesnaer advises on the certification of the following types of ATS service:

  • Air Traffic Service (ATC): Aerodrome Control (TWR) and Approach (APP).
  • Flight Information Service (FIS).
  • Alert service (AL).

The certification tasks include, among others, the documentary development of the set of compliance means aimed at responding to the requirements established in Regulation (EU) No. 1035/2011, which establishes common requirements for the provision of air.

GesNaer has all the human and material resources perfectly adapted to the Aerospace Management Projects development.

  • Flight planning routes.
  • Flight procedures design: approach SID, STAR, radar vectoring, visual charts.
  • Air space structure.
  • Obstacle studies and limitation surfaces.
  • Technical/Legal reports for aerodromes and heliports.

Gesnaer provides consultancy and technical assistance about air navigation procedures implementation (RNAV):

  • Satellite navigation GNSS.
  • RNAV navigation based on groubd aids: DME/DME coverage.
  • Advanced Procedures for air operation improvement.


GesNaer would provide simulation and flight test design as well as required by punctual procedures.