Quality and Environment Policy of GESNAER CONSULTING S.L.N.E.

GESNAER CONSULTING SLNE is fully aware of its commitments with regard to its clients, and its priorority objective is to meet their needs and expectations. It is also important to note that such activities can have an impact on the environment. Therefore, Gesnaer has social responsibilities for the environmental protection:

  • Implements the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • Aims at satisfying the needs and expectations of customers and protecting the environment.
  • Ensures compliance with regulations and legislations related to the environmental applications.
  • Develops a structured and documented integrated quality and environmental management system, allowing their periodic reviews, continuous improvement, and achieving goals.
  • Reviews quality and environmental policy to adapt to the environmental demands and evaluate its effectives to meet the customer satisfaction and to establish appropriate improvement measures.
  • Communicates the quality and environmental policy to all the employees.
  • Prevent the environmental pollution caused by activities, study, and promote all measures to minimize the produced impacts.
  • Accomplishes the motivations and commitments to comply with the requirements and to improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System.
  • Maintains a managemenst system oriented toward processes and procedures. Gesnaer manages services as processes to ensure wider control over their effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Protects the environment, including the pollution prevention, the sustainable use of resources, and adaptation to the climate changes.
  • Encourages Teamwork.