Remote Towers

1. Supply and Validation of Equipment for the Implementation of the Remote Tower
ATS Services - Lot 2: RTM Menorca

Consulting and Engineering

1. Airport Risk Analysis (Colombia)

2. Tender Torsp West Corridor (Norway)

3. El Dorado Airport Vulnerability Plan Update (Colombia)

4. Aircraft Movements and Engine Jet Simulation at Dublin Airport (Ireland)

Renewable Energies

1. Framework Agreement for the Contracting of Energy Efficiency Services in the Buildings of the Department of Universal Health

2. Project management for the construction of a solar photovoltaic installation for self-consumption with recharging points for electric vehicles

3. Service for the preparation of Energy Certificates and Energy Audits of Municipal Buildings

4. PM for the Implementation of Renewable Energy Investments to Cover the Self-Consumption of the Airport Network

Project Design and Drafting

1. Cibao Airport Expansion Design Review

2. Aeronautical Study on the Risk due to ALS Reduction at Chiclayo International Airport

3. Support to the Tobago Airport Design Review

4. Dimensioning of Terminal Areas and Baggage System at Cibao Airport

Technical Assistance

1. Submission of Tender for the Drafting of a New Terminal at Abha Airport (Saudi Arabia)

2. PM of a Hangar at Pamplona Airport

3. DOCV for Supply, Installation and Upgrading of Parking Control Equipment at Bilbao Airport

4. PM and DOCV for the Adaptation of SIEB/SATE of AENA Network Airports to New EDS STD 3

Railway infrastructure

1. Project Management and Health and Safety Coordination of the works for the execution of the Simplified Project for the Removal of Escalators.

Urban Transport

1. Optional Management and Health and Safety Coordination of the Works for the Installation of Electric Recharging Infrastructure for 118 Buses.

2. Technical Assistance and Project Management for the Execution of Bus Electric Recharging Infrastructure Works.

3. Optional Management and Health and Safety Coordination of the Works for the Installation of 50 Electric Bus Chargers.

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